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Student Feedback

"I think that the material covered was great. the speed of the information was quite well paced. The resources provided were top notch. Very solid verbal communication and explanations."
- Aditya, Data scientist

"The class is very well organized and had helped me to get very good overview understanding of machine learning and AI"
- Asif, Data process engineer

"Excellent, have a solid foundation with which I can navigate learning and trying machine learning techniques to solve my issues"
- Albert, Product Manager

“Class was really good! Thank you very much. It was great to have all the code in github and in multiple files, each showing a new step covered, so we could follow along.”
“Class was great, you ticked off my curiosity. I am excited to review the content and retry it by myself. Thank you for encouraging peer to peer collaboration and making the effort to build the slack channel. I think it was nice to see you debug live.”

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